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Interpretive Decorating

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5th March 2007

8:28pm: new merch
My band rocks

And so Does my CAR

and so does my new CD player.... new speakers next!!!

28th December 2006

5:48pm: my journal is now friends only.
Current Mood: blah

29th November 2006

10:21pm: Rise Against ticket for sale 1st Dec at the Palace
i have one remaining ticket for Rise Against

i'm really sad that i'm missing this gig..

but i have a gig of my own.


paid 40$, will sell for 35$

Friday 1st December
The Palace Complex, St Kilda
18+ only

0407 328 098


12th November 2006

1:42am: Oh btw i got a head for my stack..... Marshall TSL 100............................. $1000.... such a good deal.

it dwarfs my 8080.

i also got my new guitar back.... the RGX612s. i'll post a photo soon of me and my new setup WOOooo.
i doubt the neighbours will be impressed if i use my stack here.. bahahaha
i think it'll have to wait until we get a bigger place, with some space from other houses so we can be noisy. and have privacy... i kindof hate it how we have to keep our blinds shut or people just look in while they walk past, to the bins or whatever..

jam tomorrow at 12 at the jam tin. hiring a Quad box for the session. hope all goes well with my new gear. \m/

i'm getting the songs down gradually. got 5 pretty much down now. so tmrw will be all about the new ones i havent learnt haha
and recapping on the other 5.. :D

come along to the green room Wednesday to catch my first gig with MY BURNING EMPIRE if you can get the chance. :)

1st November 2006

11:43am: A band. finally
was browsing through melband on monday.

the perfect ticket came along.. i had to take the ride.

getting my new guitar... Yamaha RGX 612s fixed up... aparantly it needs a bit of work... may cost me a good 200$.
but the guy reckons its worth it... Massive. getting it set up for B tuning.

will be primer than prime..

have to learn 9-10 songs for sunday when i have my first jam with My Burning Empire

they have gigs with Sunk Loto and Frankenbok coming up in December..

hopefully all goes well.. the guys seem awesome \m/

looking forward to everything. :D

27th October 2006

10:01am: Filing, Filing, Filing

hehehe i am doing the bitch job at work

just went and got lots of paper for the secretary and thought the trolley was going to break :O


17th October 2006

6:31pm: improvisation
i'm still not very well... improving i think..
trying to drink lots of water + vitiman C's,

i bought a garlic scroll from brumbys today. it was very nice... wish Shau was here to share it with me though...
i also bought a bit of stuff so i could make some dinner.. pita bread pizzas :) yum
i have almost stopped coughing now.. but i'm sure it will return tomorrow morning to haunt me again.. *sigh*
played a bit of FFX... died about 4 times so gave up on the note of frustration..
i'm waiting for some more andromeda to download.. its taking time though.... i have to catch up with battlestar galactica tooo..
waiting for my beautiful Shau to return home.. *wriggles*
i have to shave/do washing/vacuum the flat...

and i have to work tomorrow... >_< working for a low wage is such a drag >_<  ... only until december 16th to go... thats ummmm. 8 weeks i think.. *sigh of relief*
Current Mood: blah

3rd October 2006

5:42pm: The Second Coming
After getting an ass-whipping from my so called "boss" yesterday i was a good boy and came to work at "his" time LOL
he ranted on to me for about an hour about how when he owned the buisness (that was taken over by SKM) he fired someone because they used the photocopier for private use (ie. 50 pages) without asking him....... but how he let a guy off who raked up a $2500 excess in internet fees. LOL seems very umm consistant...

on a brighter note... i'm sending Lester Franks an email tonight about prospective employment in their after graduation.

on an even brighter note.... i'm going to SUNK LOTO friday night WOOOOooo

and moreso, Shau and I have collected 600 points so i can get my new GT8 now!!!! thanks COKE bahahaha $500 later.. but i'm sure its 2wice as good as the GT3
they sell second hand for 500 anyway bahaha :D

sunk loto are looking for a second guitarist... FUCK i wish i could try out.. theyre based in QLD tho.. i did comment them saying if they plan to base themselves in melb hehe hopeful hopeful thinking.

oh yeah and i got a new phone just the other day.. its a Nokia N73,       3.2mp cam,   all the other usual crap.. and a nice big screen..

i feel like sitting down and blowing things up.. okay maybe i'll play some red faction or somethinG!  wheres Adzy or Kiff when u need them. in tasmania :(

i'm thinking i might try and play some pennant tennis or something like that..i need to get fitttttttttttttttttttt
there is courts very close to here.. well i hope they do pennant... probably not knowing my luck.. i'll go investigate tmrw while i'm on lunch or something..

i'm playing in the Vodafone Cup thingy that is a 6 a side?? or 5.. i don't know.. anyway its with Luke, cos its over here and he's flying over with some guys to compete..(Ved, Stan, and a few others i know i'm guessing) australia-wide knockout tournament. haha sounds fun.

anyway i'm hungry..

better get some munchiessss.
Current Mood: YAAaaaaahhh

10th September 2006

2:50am: the search is still on
tonight my beautiful babey [Shau] is sleeping on the couch behind me hehe shes so cute and i'm on melband forums browsing and this perfect opportunity pops up.
so i emailed this guy about it. and waiting to see what he thinks.

i'm basically fucking off these other few propositions that were made tentitavely... they aren't even keen or anything. i even sent them a sample and they were like but its not what we want to play blah!! fuckers.... they are too restricted to the one genre and stuff... i was just jamming with myself haha

seems like this guys [niik] a fan of system, and is a cross genre skipper like myself baha :D
lives close to city. and has just done a degree and is 22, played guitar for 6 yrs. hey he reminds me of me . xD
la la la
i'm excited.
wish adzy was over here, then we'd have a bassist too. !!
damn tasmania

might be surveying up bush mon tues :|


okay bed time for us.

night night kiddies.
Current Mood: excited

5th September 2006

1:42pm: Fuckety fuck fuck
Fuck. can i say fuck again.

i've got tickets to Dark tranquillity, bought them ages ago, and i was waiting for DKL to announce their own melb show... :( its on the same night as DT !!!

and i'm not that keen on devildriver/ FF and i don't have the cash for it. plus DKL would only be doing a smaller set with those two bands i'm guessing...
ahhhhh i'm considering driving/flying to sydney... catch DT in melb and DKL in syd. soooo fucking annoying. i'll have to think about it.

if i can't. i'm going to DKL. cos i like them better.

i'm going to atreyu / 36 crazyfists this thursday. should be wicked..

waiting for from autumn to ashes tickets to come out too.. so keen for that show in Nov.

ahh i'm used to tasmania having no bands coming at all. fuck. so much on in the next few months.


p.s. nice room
p.s. shut the fuck up
Current Mood: #@#$^@*^^@!!@

19th August 2006

12:29pm: Hazy grey
Its a saturday morning and surprisingly i was up at 12:15 which was unusual... normally it takes me until 1 to get out on weekends.... i sent an email or two to some soccer clubs in my area because i want to play or something i dunno AHHhhh
listening to some DT atm, its just what i felt like hehe

i should really go get tickets to them!! theyre playing soon here!! yayy don't know the support bands tho.

Shau and i go to get two bookcases today at 3 :) finally have somewhere to put all my books and stuff hehe xD

i'm hungry so i might go get something to eat YUM
and a glass of juice or something along those lines xD
Current Mood: EEEeeee

26th July 2006

2:14pm: at work
okay i'm at work and theres nothing to do.
there aren't any jobs on at the moment. i'm so bored.

i've been digitizing for a week, and now thats all done, there isnt anything else to do. i've been playing with autoCAD and terramodel but yeah done everything thats been asked of me :| *sigh*

i got paid by UTAS on monday i figured out... so that will help me out a great deal, they paid me the wrong week though i think. 2 weeks left until next pay. 650$ left :|

i might put some of it in my savings account.

i think shau and i will have a few connections bills to pay. haha utilities companies must make so much money out of connections. :| phone, internet, power, gas, electricity.

Current Mood: GAH

22nd July 2006


bought that last week and its sooooo good hehe :) will get a speaker upgrade eventually. but its nice and compact for this small flat atm :)

this place is domestic central LOL we heard 3 people having domestics last night/thismorning. all different people. and 2 nights ago we thought the girl upstairs was going to get murdered lol she was hysterical. bahahaha

been working for a week now. 23 weeks left of work Exp. i hope i get to go play in the field soon, cos i was following contour lines with a digitising mouse for 5 days straight. *stares blankly*

oh i better have some food, i'm hungry hehe
curry n some flatbread = yum.
Current Mood: yaaah

11th July 2006

4:24pm: home sweet home
finally all organised i could say!

i've moved into my new house in MELBOURNE YEAAAaaaaaaayyyyy and Shau and i are very happy with everything :)
we cooked our first meal last night, as we only just got my pots and pans etc. it was lovely, yum Burritos mmm sauce was a bit spicy tho tehehe burnt my insides

Shau is on the way to the morgue for work, and i am thinking about what to do thisafternoon.

last night an attempt was made to get krispy kream donuts hehe but the line was MAssive for the drive thru, and the inside was just as packed, when the inside decided to diminish we got out of the drive thru line, and were told that inside closes at 11 so no one else is allowed inside FUCKERS. it was only 10:40.!
so we lost our place in the drive thru line. so we decided to fuck off cos the line was twice as long as when we got in it... narre warren nolifes. lol getting donuts.! they were all fat and skanky and bogunites. lol

we're going tonight at about 3am cos i can't be fucked waiting lol
24hr drive thru rocks.
there is 24 hr coles, mcD, kmart, hungry jaks lol but not nandos :( i love that peri peri ness
and i can't be trusted with cutlery. hehe we stole some from there not that long ago hehe

i'm considering buying a yamaha home theatre package, gotta get dad to lend me a small amount of cash though. well 900$
i'll pay back cos i'm working now. :) well on monday wOOo
money money money what to do with it all.
buy things ahahaha xD
Current Mood: la la la

18th June 2006

12:00am: interesting
after having a yummy dinner at my Aunties house with mum n dad n william n paulo and lulu,
i came back to do my report.... hmm havent done heaps, but i've done a bit...
i was eating yogurt before and spilt some on my chin lol
then i was drinking tea and the teabag got my nose LoL
need Shau here to look after me *squirms* only 5 days until she comes now.... i'm really excited.. i can't contain it. *squeals*

i'm thinking its a shower time now as i have not have one today,... dirty! hehe

going home tomorrow and taking all my stuff with me..
i've been gradually getting my crockery dirty and its all in the dishwasher and i just washed it ready to take home tmrw :D
lots of stuff to take ahhh
pots and pans and bowls and plates and cups and everything else ahhh
good thing mum n dad are here to help :D yayyy
moving soon moving soon

shower time.

17th June 2006

4:54am: boredom.
Early morning soccer + report :) ahahahaha fun!
wish my babey was here! *thinks* hope shes having sweet dreams! :D

its almost breakfast time.. maybe i should think about finishing my report tmrw. hrmm.. *thinks*

Mexico Vs Angola .....good game hopefully.

concentration concentrate ahh!! :|

i'll probably have to re-write my jibberish i wrote in my report tmrw ahaha

OUCH an angolan player got a nasty elbow in the regions which hurt ALOT !! *cringes*

okay study... report rather


15th June 2006

8:06am: exam time
this morning is my second exam, and first external exam for the semester.. my last ever semester at uni. unless i go back for some silly reason ahaha

land law. *borrows Shau's brain*
hehehe shouldn't be too bad, open book, and quite predictable. i'm hoping its the same as 2005, cos that was the same as 2004 LoL

my body is feeling crap atm. need to excercise more. kindof feeling chubbyish :O
need to get some scales lol i was 84.5 at adams. WOW thats bigger than i used to be.
more muscle hey ? Bahahaha as if.

exam is in 45 minutes.. better put some socks on and get dressed fully :|

wish i has Shau here to give me exam cuddles and kisses *reaches out for babey*

lets see how this exam goes.

Current Mood: WOooo 2nd last exam..EVER

9th June 2006

8:12pm: police, pizza, and paranoia
after bombing a hill with police on tail, hehe they drove past me once they caught up ;) LoL
okay continue story. i skated past skanky people and then went shopping. hehe i left my hood on in the supermarket and i thought some shop person was following me around LoL *giggles* i'm going to pay for it u bastards!! lol
oh and some fucking wierdo guy kept looking at me and i'm like :O whats ur problem man. lol i didnt say it tho cos i'm too polite *shys*
and then on the way home that same guy thought i was following him and was giving me more nasty looks and i'm like ZOOOom past on my skateboard hehe FUCKER he was wierd looking too. too many doobies for him. paranoia central. bahaha

okay pizza is in oven. yum vegetarian. i was missing my vegies..... miss my darling Shau so much too.. ahhh i want to go and have Gado Gado or satay noodles with my babey all over again hehe we've done that many times. *grins*
i just want to cuddle her and give her ALL my loving..
***kisses and cuddles and love for Shau***

just like this.

*happy sigh* shes the one for me. forever. <3
Current Mood: 13 days 13 days 13 days

7th June 2006

9:51pm: had my first exam today, and it was my first internal exam too aha!
went really well, pretty easy i thought. hopefully i can come away with a decent mark :)
will help push up the dodgy job of my survey i will be doing hahaha!!
i think i;ve got that worked out aswell now.
so just have to write reports on comparing what i got and what the other surveyor got hahaha bOOOoorring.

not long to go til my beautiful Shau. mmm 16 days
Current Mood: WEEeee

5th June 2006

8:55pm: I've been randomnly whoring my backyard, room, and food with my camera,
and this is the product.

my black collection haha

skatey is well skated.. well not heaps but a bit

i have more than one ! xD

i made lovely enchiladas + salad tonight

and a lovely fried rice the other day


17 days WEeeee [i wont be sleeping by next week *squirms*]

we're going to fly out of devonport on the fun plane *giggles*
hehehe can't wait MMmm :D
Current Mood: OOoooO

4th June 2006

4:14pm: bahaha
theres nothing more satisfying than beating nerds at computer games ahaha
had a LAN at lukes last night and i was on the winning side every time, and in the death matches i was dominating, when i wasnt getting shot in the back LoL like always. anyway i was going to leave earlier cos i was tired, but they were whinging for me to stay blah! i finally left at 6am to their displeasment :P haha fuckers!

got woken up at 11 by William asking me to drop him up the mountain so he could ride his bike down it with his friend.. down the dirt tracks haha sounds scary lol

then sambo woke me up at like 11:30 because he was worried about his exam and wants to study monday with me..
i might ask him to help me with my survey on thursday or something like that,

miss my beautiful girl so much... only 2 more weekends without her.. then i get her forever :D so happy *dreamy*

its getting closer closer closer i want to get a countdown like Shau has on her myspace mmmmmmmmmmm shes perfect!

watching the Australia Vs Netherlands friendly tonight.... come on the socceroos i mean soccer-whos ? lol


had my window open last night,, well thismorning, just to let some fresh air in.. was getting yucky in my room. glad i get to never come back to this shitty house EVER again mmm :D hot water will not run out ever again [i hope] LoL

and i definately won't miss living in my room! gah! i need a lounge room..... Shau and i will have a lovely house mmm *dreams more*
wont be a dream soon.. :D

might go look at houses now on realestate.com.au

la la la
Current Mood: la la la

2nd June 2006

10:02pm: Its all in my head.
now that i've finished my last assignment... well i have my survey left too, but thats not due til the 26th...
i'm getting really itchy about moving to melbourne.. i want to move now!..ahhh *sigh*
i stayed up til 7am thismorning doing my assignment, and had maccas for tea.. its made me feel really meh!! :|
i feel lonely... maybe i'll have some grapes or something....
a cup of tea might help also...
maybe i feel like this because the only thing left to do is my survey and 3 exams :S

wish i was in melbourne with whom i belong.

2 weeks 6 days left.

*gives time a swift kick*
Current Mood: Meh!

1st June 2006

3:12am: excited!
june has finally come!!

this month i finish my final university exams, move to melbourne and find a house with my beautiful girlfriend <3 and do my professional experience. and get paid for it hehe!! how perfect!! ahahaha

finished my cadastral studies essay,
now just got my LDP report,
and my survey,
and 3 exams. blah Easy!
then Shau gets here on the 24th!! WOoooo

theres nothing on my mind at the moment apart from Shau! <3 i don't want anything else on my mind!! hehe :D


its getting late ahaha. might get into my LDP report soon. hehe
might sleep when i get tired! bah i want Shau already *squirms*

Current Mood: squirmy

27th May 2006

9:31pm: 2 for 1
i just consumed a footlong, and that has completely filled me to the brim.
not another bite. what to do with the other footlong thats on my plate.... *thinks* breakfast maybe ? hehe

i've just been looking through some of our [shau+tomas] photos, and realised just how lucky i am to have such a wonderful girl.<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

by this time in four weeks Shau will be here with me, to help me pack to take all my stuff to devonport, then to melbourne, once we find a place to live over there.

only 1 essay to finish writing [700wrds more], 1 more report to write for LDP and 1xsurvey + reports to finish.

[i might have to do some selective adjustments to my survey bearings, as i kind of made a gross error. Whoops! haha, oh well it was only the bearing. might have some fun playing with FIXIT next week. i think i should do an adjustment just to be on the safe side! bahahaha]
Current Mood: squirmy

25th May 2006

2:21am: wednesday
had my presentation for my cadastral studies essay today, went quite well i thought!.
everyone was going through their notes and stressing and writing things in etc.
lol i laughed and was like umm chill out!!
haha and they all had way too much information in their slides... chris would have hung them if he saw!! hahaha
i just trotted around my main findings and my purpose of the essay [like jon asked us to do] while everyone else tended to explain the common terms he said specifically not to! HAAA suckers lol

i have come to the conclusion that i must be ELITE lol *bows to self* omfg aahahahaha not!.
hope my lecturer for LDP got my extended assignment haha, haven't heard from his as of yet. i should really call him tmrw and confirm that he got it.... don't want a gap in my marks from him not marking it!!!

blah enough about uni work.

adzy and moi and going skating friday as planned i think, but it better not rain. *hopes for sunshine*
i think he wanted me to take my cam to video stuff hehe could be fun... i'm so gonna learn quater pipe skating a bit better i think.. just need practice... blah i can't even do proper rock and rolls but i can do ollie to fakie and airs etc. haha
thats what i get for not skating very often... hope i dont injure myself haha i tend to do that when i try too hard... still have a big mark on my ankle from last skate when i split it open haha
and i get to DRIVE for once. been waiting to drive up there finally. :)

had a yummy fried rice tonight, which i made last night.. was very good for my first attempt i thought. with avocado yum... Shau got me into that hehe :)

yes it is getting late.. better get to bed.

hope my babey gets well soon. shes on the mend *sends lots of love melbourne way* *Squeeze*

33 days until i start my move to melbourne. *grins* can't wait!!
Current Mood: in a squeezey mood
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